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Foundational Supplements for Immune Care

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Foundational Supplements for Immune Care

By: Toby Hallowitz, Naturopathic Medical Doctor

What Are Our Foundational Supplements for Immune Health?

It’s time to make sure your immune health is on-point for the coming indoor seasons. We recently talked about preventative determinants of health to tend to such as quality rest, joyful movement, whole-food based diet and stress management. Now we will touch on our favorite preventive supplements that help give the foundational co-factors for optimal immune support this season.

Vitamin D: this vitamin has become increasingly recognized as a key player in our immune function. Deficiency (from our viewpoint, less than 50 ng/mL on blood work) can lead to increased susceptibility of infection. Adequate intake daily through supplementation is necessary in our northern climate. We have learned and research has shown that pairing D3 with the vitamin K2 helps to direct calcium deposition into the bones, so we always choose a D3/K2 combo.

Vitamin C: studies have shown that those working as flight attendants who supplement with Vitamin C are more likely to prevent illness than their colleagues who do not. We love this basic nutrient as a preventive! Liposomal Vitamin C helps to increase the bioavailability to our bodies so you get more delivered per dose.

Elderberry: a potent anti-inflammatory, this berry can help to give a source of anti-oxidants that helps the immune system to continue to function optimally and respond more efficiently to unwanted invaders. It’s a fantastic anti-viral!

Mushrooms: both used as food and as standardized supplement extracts, mushrooms are wonderful immunomodulators to keep our immune system to both increase resistance from infection and also improve response and recovery time if infected.

Quercetin + Zinc: Zinc is a necessary cofactor for the function of the immune system and also a wonderful antiviral. Quercetin is an anti-oxidant that helps to chaperone zinc into cells to do its antiviral thing.