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Lab Services

In addition to offering Labcorp laboratory testing we also utilize other specialty laboratory testing. We do in-clinic lab draws for Boston Heart Diagnostics currently on Wednesday mornings and also offer a variety of other specialized laboratory testing for our clients, including:


· Genova Diagnostic Organic Acids
· Liver Panels
· Doctor’s Data Environmental Exposure and Heavy Metal Testing
· Methylation Testing
· Detoxification and Oxidative Stress Profiles


· Genova Diagnostics Comprehensive microbiome and digestive stool analysis (looking at bacteria, dysbiosis, fungus, candida, parasite testing, gut enzymes, blood in stool, and much more!)
· NUNM SIBO Center SIBO Breath Test
· Food Allergy Testing (and food sensitivity and food intolerance testing)
· Celiac Disease Testing
· Leaky Gut Testing
· Candida Testing

Environmental and Toxicity Testing

· Environmental Pollutants and Solvents Profile
· Heavy Metal Testing
· Molds and Mold Mycotoxin Testing


· Adrenal Stress Index
· Basic lab work including a comprehensive thyroid panel, and we also check for anemia and other lab markers that can be the cause of fatigue.

Hormonal Health: Peri-Menopause, PMS, Hormonal Acne, PCOS, Postpartum Health

· Female and Male Hormone Panels
· Advanced Hormone Testing with ZRT Labs
· Testosterone Testing
· Adrenal Hormones
· Female Cycle Mapping, which is a month-long test to see fluctuations in female hormones to monitor status of fertility, PCOS, menopause, and andropause

Immune and Autoimmune Testing

· At home USBiotek’s salivary RT-PCR/NAAT test technology detects RNA from the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
· Boston Heart Diagnostics Covid-19 risk factor panel and antibody panels
· Exagen Avise CTD advanced autoimmune rheumatic disease testing
· Other immune system lab work

Mood, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Insomnia

· ZRT Neurotransmitter Testing
· Detoxification Testing including Organic Acids
· Adrenal Stress Index including Cortisol Levels
· Comprehensive Hormone Testing
· Other basic labs that treat the cause including blood glucose levels, anemia, etc.


· Genova Diagnostics NutraEval (Comprehensive Nutritional Evaluation)
· Thyroid Testing
· Bio Impedence Analysis (BIA)
· Anemia Testing
· Nutritional Testing
· Blood Sugar Testing, and more

Preventative Lab Testing

· Fasting blood work on an annual basis including CBC, CMP, lipids, vitamin D, thyroid, ferritin, and possibly hormone workup, and others.