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Lab Services

In addition to offering Labcorp laboratory testing we also utilize other specialty laboratory testing. We do in-clinic lab draws for Boston Heart Diagnostics currently on Wednesday mornings and also offer a variety of other specialized laboratory testing for our clients, including:


· Genova Diagnostic Organic Acids
· Liver Panels
· Doctor’s Data Environmental Exposure and Heavy Metal Testing
· Methylation Testing
· Detoxification and Oxidative Stress Profiles


· Genova Diagnostics Comprehensive microbiome and digestive stool analysis (looking at bacteria, dysbiosis, fungus, candida, parasite testing, gut enzymes, blood in stool, and much more!)
· NUNM SIBO Center SIBO Breath Test
· Food Allergy Testing (and food sensitivity and food intolerance testing)
· Celiac Disease Testing
· Leaky Gut Testing
· Candida Testing

Environmental and Toxicity Testing

· Environmental Pollutants and Solvents Profile
· Heavy Metal Testing
· Molds and Mold Mycotoxin Testing


· Adrenal Stress Index
· Basic lab work including a comprehensive thyroid panel, and we also check for anemia and other lab markers that can be the cause of fatigue.

Hormonal Health: Peri-Menopause, PMS, Hormonal Acne, PCOS, Postpartum Health

· Female and Male Hormone Panels
· Advanced Hormone Testing with ZRT Labs
· Testosterone Testing
· Adrenal Hormones
· Female Cycle Mapping, which is a month-long test to see fluctuations in female hormones to monitor status of fertility, PCOS, menopause, and andropause

Immune and Autoimmune Testing

· At home USBiotek’s salivary RT-PCR/NAAT test technology detects RNA from the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
· Boston Heart Diagnostics Covid-19 risk factor panel and antibody panels
· Exagen Avise CTD advanced autoimmune rheumatic disease testing
· Other immune system lab work

Mood, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Insomnia

· ZRT Neurotransmitter Testing
· Detoxification Testing including Organic Acids
· Adrenal Stress Index including Cortisol Levels
· Comprehensive Hormone Testing
· Other basic labs that treat the cause including blood glucose levels, anemia, etc.


· Genova Diagnostics NutraEval (Comprehensive Nutritional Evaluation)
· Thyroid Testing
· Bio Impedence Analysis (BIA)
· Anemia Testing
· Nutritional Testing
· Blood Sugar Testing, and more

Preventative Lab Testing

· Fasting blood work on an annual basis including CBC, CMP, lipids, vitamin D, thyroid, ferritin, and possibly hormone workup, and others.

What Clients Have To Say

Ryan The Life Changer
Ryan The Life Changer
Dr. Toby is absolutely incredible! One of the most knowledgeable doctors I have ever received care from. You can tell he truly cared about his patients. He certainly made me feel that way! I highly recommend him.
chris haralam
chris haralam
Excellent place! This doctor is a compassionate, humble practitioner. Dr Toby sincerely practices his statement, "that he is here for you." Unlike many med offices, they try to meet your need, even without an appt. Dr. Toby's attitude permeates the whole office. In particular, office manager Jade is kind and very helpful.
Barbara Wilson
Barbara Wilson
Sherilyn Long, Herbal Medical Massage LLC at Coeur d'Alene Acupunture gives me a therapeutic massage every two weeks and I love the results. I went in yesterday with back pain at pain level of 5-6/10. I left one hour later with no pain and even today so much better!!
AV Roman
AV Roman
Dr. Melissa is an amazing provider. She takes time to really listen to what’s going on with your body and she includes different treatment options. Shockwave therapy with her added muscle work has really helped me get out of pain. Definitely recommend!
Yolanda Rosales
Yolanda Rosales
I had a wonderful adjustment from Dr Malissa. She knew exactly where my pain was coming from and very knowledgeable. I'll be going back next week.
Daniel Ingram
Daniel Ingram
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Craig Wies
Craig Wies
Dr.Toby is a crack up and one Hell of an Acupunctureist, and there new location is great..
Les Mo
Les Mo
Dr. Toby is the Man! He is the first person I go to for any of my health needs. I love the Acupuncture and massage and if he does not have a product in his office that he prescribed, he is happy to refer me to someone that does. He is a true healer and I have him to thank for keeping me healthy and emotionally balanced. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment, I refer EVERYONE!