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Possible mold exposure?

Possible mold exposure?

By: Casey Carr, Naturopathic Medical Doctor

Got mold?

Have You Ever Lived in a Water-Damaged Home?
Or worked in a water-damaged office? It’s pretty darn common here in the PNW. About 1/2 of residential and commercial buildings have a history of water damage. When a leak goes undetected or when a water damaged building is not remediated properly, it can harbor molds and bacteria that can make susceptible people very sick. Living in a house or sleeping in a bedroom with mold hiding behind drywall or in plain sight can cause a slow (or rapid) onset of generalized symptoms that can make it hard to know why exactly you may be feeling this way. Mold toxicity can hit just about every bodily system and have a negative health impact. As we move to more of an indoor season of the year, symptoms can become more pronounced.

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Possible tip-offs for mold-related illness can include, but are not limited to:

Conditions such as Histamine Intolerance, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, POTS, EDS, etc. (these often start with an exposure to mold)
Symptoms go away or dramatically improve when on vacation.
Symptoms in many systems of my body, that can include fatigue, joint pain, nasal congestion, shortness of breath, decreased libido, cognitive decline, muscle aches, mood swings or changes, chemical sensitivity, GI changes …
Being sick (and possibly another family member), but the rest of the family is fine.
Symptoms haven’t improved as expected despite various treatments and interventions.

Our Nutritionist, Karin Michalk, has experience and advanced training in helping people recover from mold illness. You can book at free 15-minute discovery call with her to find out more.